Pokémon Detective Pikachu (Review)

Pokémon are a cultural phenomenon, and that’s a fact. Years after the first games were being sold, there are still new releases that do extremely well, there’s Pokémon Go that became a genuine hype dragging non-gamers into the madness and who hasn’t heard about Pikachu? During the making of Detective Pikachu the creators could safely assume everyone’s heard of the yellow icon.

If you just raised your hand during the Pikachu questio, you can lower it. Not only do you look weird but it also doesn’t really matter, because it doesn’t exclude you from the potential audience of this movie. Detective Pikachu tries to appeal to a wide audience. Anyone who’s heard of the yellow furball with the lightning shaped tail could enjoy the movie, and even if you don’t know who Pikachu is you’ll soon enough understand the concept so you can enjoy an entertaining buddy-cop movie. One of the cops just happens to be 50cm tall, can shoot lightning from it’s tail and is addicted to coffee. Standard detective material. Case closed, but it’s still open until I solve it.

Detective Pikachu takes you to the world of Pokémon, creatures of various types who all possess different powers. The story takes us to Ryme City, an unique model city where humans and Pokémon live and work side by side. Of course that means the movie depends on CGI a lot to generate the beautiful Pokémon in the air, on the ground and crawling over buildings. They are truly a sight to see and give you an opportunity to do Pokémon spotting. Pidgey! Snorlax! Sneasel! Bulbasaur! That one Pokémon with six arms that punches things!

The busy city is home to many people and Pokémon but the story focuses on Harry ,a detective who’s been in a car crash after an incident at a mysterious lab. His son Tim is called into the city and after getting the bad news he heads to his fathers’ appartment to pick up some things. At the appartment, he runs into someone who wants to take him on an adventure, searching for the truth of his fathers’ car crash. That someone is Pikachu, world-class detective voiced by Ryan Reynolds ( who stars in Deadpool amongst other movies).

Pokémon Detective Pikachu, buddy-cop feel-good movie

Pikachu being able to talk doesn’t exactly help as Tim is hesitant to join the yellow detective on his journey. Of course he eventually agrees, and we get to witness a buddy-cop adventure which allow Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds to shine in their roles. Pikachu is the big star of the movie with it’s wise-cracking one-liners, jokes, facial expressians and detective skills.

What follows is a highly entertaining and funny movie that’s enjoyable by most if not all people. You don’t have to be a Pokémon Geek to enjoy the acting, the Pokémon filled world or the plot. There’s no hints towards things you won’t get or parts of the plot that you wouldn’t understand without knowing about the games. If you can accept that Pokémon replace animals in this world and do a great job at doing so, you are on your way to sit back and enjoy an entertaining movie.

Detective Pikachu can best be described as “entertaining”. Here at Tested By Geeks we don’t like dipping our toes into the waters of heavy film criticism. So is the movie entertaining? Yes. Is it money well spent? Also yes. Can you see it if you only knew Pikachu? Pika. I mean, also yes.

Our conclusion

Detective Pikachu is a very enjoyable movie for a big audience. The CGI brings the Pokémon and especially Pikachu to life. The yellow detective is the star of the movie, although Justice Smith also does a good job of playing the role of someone who’s trying to keep up with the electric detective. The movie is an enjoyable buddy-cop movie with a few twists and adventures. One of the detectives just happens to be Pikachu.

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