Dungeon Keeper for iOS

Last week, I tested Dungeon Keeper, EA’s latest attempt of milking the casual cash cow to make it in the mobile market. Downloading the app is free. Having your gamer memories destroyed? Priceless.

We’re going to go straight to the finish: Dungeon Keeper is probably not a game you’ll enjoy playing – whether you loved the original or not.

Dungeon Keeper – the Classic.

Back when the original Dungeon Keeper was launched, it was an unique strategy game – the ultimate anti-dungeon crawler. Literally. You assumed the role of an evil owner of a dungeon, who lured adventurers into his dungeon, sprinkled with deadly traps. By collecting gold from the adventurers we mentioned earlier, and mining gold, you could continuously improve your dungeon.

Dungeon Keeper – the money grab

Fast forward to 2014, where EA releases an app with the same name. And, in theory, the same concept. But Dungeon Keeper throws up so many “payment blockades” even after the first hour, that we didn’t continue any further. Want to chop away a block? Wait 4 to 24 hours, or “speed things up” by using jewels which you pay for. Honestly, that’s where we stopped playing – when the most basic action of the original game was being monetized we can only imagine how things evolve from there.

Deleted app. Pretend I never saw it. Cherish memories of the original Dungeon Keeper. Ahhh, we’re saved.

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