Aukey AMZDEAL USB Charger review just

There are some things in life that you just can’t spend money on. How can you justify spending like, ten euros on an USB cable when the basic cable is just fine? Or how can you sink a hundred dollars in domain names? Okay, guilty of that one.

Anyway, when I was in the market for an USB charger for my various devices I thought I’d go cheap. Having had good experiences with Amazon Basic USB cables, I figured I might as well go cheap on a multi purpose charger. One that would let me charge multiple devices at once. Because you know you’re not a real geek when you don’t have to charge at least one tablet and two different phones at night to test different setups. Or is that just me?

Introducing the AMZDEAL Aukey USB Charger.

Anyway, I bough an “AMEDEAL” USB charger for under ten euros from Amazon. Naive as I was I somehow assumed that Amazon had something to do with the devices, so I figured that after the cable success I would be in the clear.

Well, initially there weren’t any problems with the USB charger. It did it’s thing, which is charging multiple devices at once. My only nuissance was the shitty built in LED that lit up the entire room at night. Hello, device people, some people try to sleep in the room where they’re trying to charge their devices because their phone doubles as their alarm clock in the morning.

Until last week, when the connectors of the chargers literally decided to bend out of shape. Making it virtually impossible to put it in the socket. And as you all know, that’s sort of a base requirement for using electricity.

I figured, “Hey, bad luck, shit happens”, and  I decided to go cheap again by buying the same charger. I found out it was actually made by Aukey which seems to be some sort of company that not only builds, but also designs their stuff in China based off plans of North Korean scientists, but I figured that nothing could go wrong

So when I bought the charger – and an SD card because who wants to pay a €3 shipping fee for a €9 charger – and received it I happily assumed I would once more let my devices lavish themselves on the source of eternal electricity, but helas.

This new charger was even more broken than the older one. Y’see, the connectors’ pins seem to be loose. You could physically push them back in the charger. Which means there’s no way to connect it into the socket.

Bottom line, the USB chargers from Aukey… Well, they blow. I mean, I could try and buy a third one and hope that I fare better this time but I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a €30 charger from a local webshop. Maybe I’ll do a review of that one soon. It’s an XTORM. Coolest name ever, right?

Anyway, I decided to experiment a little and make a video of the “experience” with the charger. You won’t see me try to jam it into the socket, risking life and limbs. And you’ll likely hear my eldrich horror of a voice, which according to some people is a worse punishment than (insert something bad here).

Here’s the video. Enjoy!


Aukey AMZDEAL USB chargers are, well, not very great, and you’re better off using that €9 to bet on the lottery instead of hoping that one will serve you longer than six months. You’re better off buying another one from the get-go.

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